Art in Construction LTD

I always thought it a shame to seal a plaster wall with paint. I just love the way that a raw lime plaster wall breathes and softens an interior. In 1984, after an inspirational trip to Italy, I began experimenting with pigments and traditional lime putty plaster. These polished integrally colored surfaces became the primary focus of our company.

Combining backgrounds in forestry, land surveying, a love of nature and three decades of hands on experience in construction, from rough masonry and three coat plaster to plaster ornament, I strive to create finishes that resonate with the depth and the agelessness of the preserved architecture of Pompeii.

The materials we use are very little changed from thousands of years ago. They are comprised primarily of mixtures of slaked lime, fine sands, pulverized marbles and quartz, powdered earth pigments, metallic oxides, gypsum and water. The custom mixtures are trowel applied and polished by our skilled artisans, many of who have been with our company for over two decades.

As well as its’ durability, longevity and low maintenance, lime plaster is environmentally friendly.
It gives off zero VOCs, no off-gassing chemicals and has mold resistant attributes. It is non toxic, non-allergenic and while curing, it absorbs carbon dioxide much like a tree, increasing optimal indoor air quality.

My hope is to bring this combination of art, nature and architecture to our installations. The monolithic quality of our pigmented plastering can appear as if hewn from a solid material, similar to the ancient carved city of Petra.

Our goal is to infuse warmth, vibrancy and well being into the surfaces of our clients’ spaces.

Stephen Balser